Sunday, 25 June 2017

Lipstick, powder and paint

In summer, I love to mainly wear Coral lipsticks or colours in this range. So, I thought I would share with you my current favourites. They range from some quite pricey to more purse-friendly ones. There are also a couple of lip glosses thrown in there too. Hope these give you some inspiration to add a new colour or two to your collection.
I should say that everyone's natural lips are different colours so this can affect how some lipsticks may look on you as well as your skin tone. I have a yellow undertone to my skin which tends to suit these type of shades.

Sexy Sienna
Portobello Girl, Ibiza Nights and Belize

The first one in my collection is Sexy Sienna by Charlotte Tilbury. This is one of the lighter Coral ones in my collection but I just love it in summer especially in the daytime or at night when I like to put a gloss over it. Then I either use my Glossier clear one or my Charlotte Tilbury Ibiza Nights which is coming up shortly.

Now for glosses. I do like a lip gloss in summer for a quick and easy daytime look when you want a hint of colour but not anything too much. The first one is Belize by Nars which is a very sheer gloss but makes your lips look healthy and glossy. It isn't very pigmented so great for daytime or applying over the top of a lipstick. The next two are both by Charlotte Tilbury. Portobello Girl has a slight pink colour, though again very sheer, and Ibiza nights has a gold shimmer running through it. I like to put this over one of my other lipsticks for a glossy evening look. I would say that I am not sure the Charlotte Tilbury ones are worth the money. I am on the look out for some better glosses. I find these are a bit sticky and clogged to apply with not much colour payback.

Lost Cherry, Striking Specataculaire and True Coral

Lost Cherry by Charlotte Tilbury I love all year round, but I think is great for summer as it's a lovely pinky Coral which is super flattering.  This Lip Crayon called Striking Spectaculaire is by Revlon and is one of the brighter more "out there" ones in my collection but I love how easy these lip crayons are to apply and they feel so soft too. I have tried and like a lot of Revlon's lip crayons and have been really impressed with them all.

My all time favourite lipstick next - True Coral by Tom Ford. As with my Lost Cherry you will have seen this colour on me a lot and not just in summer. I think this is the most perfect true Coral shade.  I can't tell you how much I love it! It would have to be my Desert Island piece of makeup.

Disturbia, Stay With Me Coral, Heatwave and Wild Ginger

I hadn't tried a lip pen before and picked this one up by L'Oreal in the shade Disturbia and loved it straight away. I like the pen - it goes on easily and feels nice - plus the colour is just so great for summer.  This one by Maybelline always has people asking me what I am wearing. In fact I only found it by asking someone what they were wearing on their lips. It's one of their 14 hr lipsticks in the shade "Stay With Me Coral" and it's such a great colour. A gorgeous Coral but I can't find it anywhere and fear they may have stopped making it. Why do companies do that?

The next two are my most recent purchases. I bought the Nars Heatwave lipstick after seeing it on Sali Hughes and loving it - she is the beauty columnist in the Guardian. Now I have it I really like it. It's a lovely texture as it's a sheer matte and is the perfect reddy Coral. I think I need to work on my colour descriptions!

Maybelline Stay With Me Coral

Nars Heatwave

Tom Ford True Coral

This Tom Ford one I also saw on Instagram - it can be such a dangerous place! It's called Wild Ginger and I think is one of my new favourites. It's such a great reddy orange and I do love the texture of Tom Ford lipsticks as they just glide on and look so lovely. They are expensive though so I recommend trying before buying as I would hate to waste that money.

Hope this has given you some inspiration to try a new Coral lipstick or tell me what your favourites are. I always have room for one more!!

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