Thursday 5 February 2015

Bobbi Brown Makeup Lesson

We can all get stuck in a makeup rut so when a friend suggested a makeup lesson I was totally up for it. Combined with a trip to London and a Prosecco or 2 afterwards what wasn't too like!

We chose Bobbi Brown as they have opened a new store in Covent Garden offering a range of different makeup lessons. They have a menu which you choose from including Instant Makeup and Secret to Perfect Skin, but this time we opted for Bobbi's Ultimate Makeup Lesson. It lasts 45 minutes and covers everything. One of the good things about the Bobbi Brown lessons are they are free - though I think it would be difficult to leave without buying any products at the end. Or so my friend and I found!

The lovely girl who gave me my lesson asked what in particular I wanted to learn about. For me it was a new lipstick colour as I find lipsticks hard. I seem to buy and buy but never feel like I have hit upon the exact colour, especially for the daytime. I also wanted advice on achieving the perfect base.  I wanted to know how to make my look more polished. 

Obviously, me being me I didn't go up to London without wearing makeup  and so they remove your makeup with all the Bobbi Brown skincare products first.  I have to admit I haven't used any of their skincare range before. It did seem lovely though and definitely made me want to try more. Their Hydrating Face Tonic is one that I would consider buying. It smelled lovely and felt so nice on my skin. The makeup artist said she liked what I had done with my eye makeup so she didn't remove that and chose to enhance it instead. 

I always wear foundation as for whatever reason I feel I have bad skin but she suggested using their BB cream. I have never used a BB cream before - I don't know why but I always worry that they wont give me the coverage that I like. But I have to say I was very impressed. The colour and coverage was perfect for my skin and I will definitely buy this when my current foundation finishes. I think it will be particularly good in the summer. 

Not that I like to bang on about this but I have dark circles! I mentioned this as one of my concerns and I really liked how she covered them  up.  She applied a corrector first to neutralise my dark circles and I could see a difference straight away. Then she applied a concealer over this to lighten the area. I really liked the effect of this and I wish now that I had bought the corrector when I was there.

Bronzer was next and I already use a Bobbi Brown bronzer (which I love) but she suggested a different shade to my normal one. I was surprised by this, but she said the undertone of my current one was maybe too pink. I have to say I did like the tone of the one she used and is now another item on my "wish list" (this seems to grow and grow!). It just seemed a bit warmer and more golden than my current one. Then it was time for blusher and I was very interested to see what she would suggest! Bobbi Brown have a new product out and these are called Brightening Bricks and come in 5 shades (I think) and this is what she used on me. The colour she used was coral and it is shown below:

The Brightening Bricks are a mixture of bronzer and blusher and are designed to give a lovely glow to your face. I just loved this and bought it! I adore the mix of colours, but I was surprised that she used Coral. I don't think I would have gone for these colours myself, as they have ones that are pinker and more what I would naturally choose. But the Coral did as the tin says and brightened my skin up. Such a lovely product.

They didn't really do anything with my eyes in terms of shadow. They just added some sparkle which was pretty but I have to say not as nice as the pressed pigment in my Charlotte Tilbury Palette.  I have previously been for a Bobbi Brown makeup lesson and this was before I got married. This is now nearly 14 years ago but I do remember from then buying a lovely gel eyeliner and I had totally forgotten about this. I now always use my Lancome pen eyeliner. The gel eyeliner though gives such a lovely line and look and again I wish I had bought this. You apply it with a thin brush and it just gives such a nice finish. My friend bought this and the brush as they used it on her too and we were both so impressed with it. My eyes were finished with mascara but I didn't think much of this either way to be honest.

Lastly, it was the lips and she asked if I like matt or gloss and what kind of colour I usually wear. In my helpful way I said I liked both and all colours. Such a help! She chose a neutral pink which is a very versatile colour and then applied a gloss over the top and the combination of both I really liked and wouldn't have chosen myself.

When my makeup was finished I did have a couple of questions mainly why didn't she apply black eyeliner in my waterline - something I always tend to do - and also that I normally apply my eyeshadow underneath my eye but she had left that with nothing on. She told me that this wasn't the Bobbi Brown look and that this was the same for my pink blusher. I thought that was very interesting. Bobbi Brown definitely has an image/look and I think this is a grown up and sophisticated natural glamour. If you want bright or heavy makeup, Bobbi Brown isn't the place for you. I think if I wanted one of my heavier eye looks MAC or NARS would be the place to go. But this is why I liked the lesson as it was different to my normal way of approaching my makeup which can often be more is more and made me appreciate a more stripped down look.  Though I would like to go for the Smokey Eyes lesson next to see how they do that as that is definitely where I tend to go quite full on with my makeup!

My friend and I both found the makeup artists friendly and helpful and though obviously they want you to buy the products at the end we didn't find them to be too pushy.They also make a note for you of all the products that they have used on you which is so helpful as I forget everything! We were encouraged to come back again for more lessons.

It was definitely a fun treat to have on a Tuesday afternoon when normally I would be taking my child swimming! Thank you husband for that!