Sunday 18 June 2017

Come fly with me

It's getting towards that time of year when everyone seems to be jetting off on their summer holidays. We don't actually fly to ours as we drive to France but I know a lot of people do, so I thought I would write a post on what I bring in my little carry on plastic bag. I hope you find this helpful or at least interesting in a nosey kind of way!

As you have probably gathered I love makeup and have a lot of it, so that little plastic bag can be very problematic for me! Luckily, I travel with 2 boys who have nothing in the way of liquids so I fill theirs up too. My son is less than impressed though when he has to carry a lipgloss through security!
I know the perceived wisdom is that you shouldn't wear makeup on the plane. I don't apply it while on the plane but when landing I like to freshen up and put some on.  I must admit though I wish I was that person who takes all their makeup off and sits in a face mask as I know that would be the best thing for my skin (I imagine that's what Victoria Beckham does!)

I do though bring makeup remover wipes in my handbag or carry on in case so if I do feel like removing some of it or for taking off my eye makeup to do again I can. I must spend a lot of time rubbing my eyes in planes as I never seem to have any eye makeup left on!

Anyway, back to my liquids bag/carry on essentials. I am still confused if bullet lipsticks are liquids or not so I put them in the plastic bag anyway, along with my lip glosses. I always marvel at how many lip glosses I appear to travel with. Liquid concealer goes in there too as well as my hard (am not sure that is the correct makeup term!) concealer- again unsure of its status. I don't sleep on planes so concealer is a must for me when I get off.

Foundation also seems to make it into my bag - I appear to be prepared for any makeup emergency that may occur whilst travelling. Mascara also squeezes in because as I don't sleep it is needed to make me look alive as is a bright lipstick and a swirl of blusher.

I am an absolutely appalling flier so I must have my Bachs Rescue Remedy - a total godsend. Along with my Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I love this product - not only does it help calm me down but weirdly it refreshes me too. The smell is just gorgeous.

If I remember I do try and bring a little hand sanitizer gel with me (I watched some random YouTube video once showing my how unhygienic flying is!).  I do always remember to bring hand cream though - I always keep my eye out for any travel size or mini hand creams. I am a big fan of the &other stories ones as they are the perfect size.

Lip balm is always with me on a flight. The plane air can be very drying. Plus, I just find putting it on to be very therapeutic. I also bring a little perfume with me. I don't know about you but I always feel a bit grubby when I get off a plane so I like to have a little spray. I am thinking while writing this all the other passengers must hate me! I am busy spraying various things all through the flight!

If I have happened to take my make up off or if it has just come off due to my face becoming a sweaty mess due to stress. I like to bring a moisturiser or the like. Again, the plane air is very drying on the skin so any moisture I can put back in it is good with me. I know I should be drinking plenty of water while flying but I tend to hit the bubbles!

Let me know what you bring on if anything or if you think there is anything I could add.

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