Thursday 1 November 2018

Party Dressing

I don’t want this title to mislead you, as by party I mean either full-on dancing on the table to The Pogues “Fairytale of New York”, to a civilised mid-week drink with friends, to outfits to wear on the big day. If you follow me on Instagram you will know I have been fully immersing myself in the world of sequins and sparkles recently. I am a total magpie and I love any chance to don a sequin or sparkle - I also love sparkly festive makeup too so watch out for a blog post coming on that soon.

Now you don’t have to go total walking festive bauble (as is sometimes my want) but you can add a dash of sparkle or sequin to any outfit to give it a festive twist. I am going to show you options for the huge sparkle fan right through to the ones who maybe just want a light touch of something sparkly.

Right, for those of us ladies who are up for diving into a pot of festive glitter, I am a fan of full sequin dress. Even within this style there are chances to be as bold or not as you like - there are so many colours and styles out there and a sequin to suit everyone. I think it's also how you style these dresses. You can go complete glamour with a heel and faux fur, which I do love, or you can dress it down or toughen it up with a black biker jacket or a blazer. When trying these dresses on I was often in trainers and actually I am a big fan of that look too.

I also found myself loving what I would call a sparkly dress - so not a sequin but something that just has what looks like glitter running through it. Like above, these can also be dressed up or down.

If you want to break your look up a bit or adapt it more for daytime, I love a sequin skirt. These can obviously look fantastic as an evening look with a lovely vest and blazer and a heel, but I love these also in daytime with a chunky knit and a biker jacket. Just such a cool look I think. You can do the same with a sequin jacket or blazer which is so great with a black tuxedo trouser for the evening, but also I love these with a great jean and a heel or jeans and trainers. Sequins and sparkles for me work day or night and all ages. There are no boundaries and to be fair in may eyes they aren’t just for Christmas either.

I have also been loving the sparkly and sequin jumpsuits which are about at the moment. I am a big jumpsuit fan apart from the obvious loo issues...they are to me an easy wear and feel sometimes less dressy than a dress. There are also sparkly playsuits about which I do really like but haven’t found one which suits me yet...

I mentioned sequin skirts above and I also love all the glittery/sparkly skirts (especially the pleated ones) and trousers that are out there. Again a less full on party bauble look but still one that I love. These items can also be dressed up or down depending on your mood or occasion.

I have to give a shout out to velvet while I am here. Another look I just adore for this upcoming season. There so many lovely velvet skirts, dresses and blazers out there in beautiful festive shades or “Quality Street” colours as someone said to me. However, for me the velvet look is great and am going to invest in for the party season is the velvet suit. I just love this look. There are so many gorgeous ones out there and I just think this look is fabulous and for me works both dressed up with a killer pair of heels or with a great pair of trainers.

Whilst looking for sequin inspiration online, I found these three beauties...

Hope you found some helpful ideas for festive fun here and after writing this I feel I need to write one on accessories too. Is it too early to crack open the mince pies and indulge in a Snowball?