Friday 2 March 2018

Hungry Eyes.........

Eyeshadow Palettes

I am a big fan of eyeshadow palettes. They are all I tend to use these days, as I like to apply more than one colour on my eyes, so it makes life much easier for me. It’s probably out of date now but I still like to sweep a main more neutral shade over the whole eyelid. I then use a darker one on the outer edge of the eye and into the socket line. I then use a lighter colour in the corner of the eyelid nearest to the nose.  Then for my evening makeup I apply sparkle or glitter to the middle of the eyelid. To make the eye “pop” as they say.  

My two current favourite palettes are both by NARS- the NARSissist Loaded Palette and the Wanted Palette both containing 12 shades. Loaded is more gold/bronzey in tone and Wanted more pinky/rose gold. They both contain a mixture of matte and glittery shades which I really like as I do enjoy a bit of sparkle for a night out. 

I really like the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quads as they have the perfect colours and shades for a smokey eye which is my go-to look. They also tell you on the bottom how to apply them which I think is so helpful. My favourite two are The Dolce Vita and The Legendary Muse. Dolce Vita has copper and bronze shades while The Legendary Muse is more golden. As you can probably tell my usual look is a copper/bronze smokey eye for the day and the same - but more intensely with some sparkle - for the evening. Recently though, I have been liking more pinky shades on my eyes which I incorporate into my bronzey smokey eye look.

Other palettes I like are the Anastasia ones. I enjoy her Modern Renaissance one which is shades of brown/bronze and berry and I have her new palette which is called Soft Glam on my wish list. It looks perfect for me. I also like my Huda Rose Gold palette which is pretty but I find the foil shades tricky to apply.

I mustn’t forget the Urban Decay palettes. Their range of NAKED palettes are so successful and I think for good reason. I have 2 or 3 of the palettes and have used them well. I think for me the original palette and the Smoky ones are my favourite. I also rate the Heat one but to me it feels more of a summer palette and think it will get most use when the sun comes out. The sun will re-appear won't it?

The mini MAC palettes are also really nice and have 9 shades in them. I have the Burgandy one and all the colours are very wearable. The other palettes in the range look great too and are reasonably priced. I particularly like the look of the Amber one.

I do use the odd individual shadow  - there are some MAC individual shades I really like such as one of my favourites called Amber nights. I also like individual ones to add glitter or sparkle to an evening look. Top Shop has a couple including one called “shuffle the cards” and for a bit of va va voom of an evening I love my Stila Magnificent Metal in bronzed bell - just the right amount of glitter. No longer being 17 I don’t need glitter flying all over my face and landing in all my wisdom lines!

I must give an honourable mention to an eyeshadow duo from NARS which is my staple at the moment for my evening eye look.  The duo is called Isolde and are the perfect copper/bronze/gold shades. To say I love it isn’t too strong a statement - my feelings run deep for this eyeshadow.

I keep meaning to try the NYX palettes and the Colllection or L’Oreal ones as these all look like they have some lovely shades in them. The NYX Ultimate Shadow palettes in particular look very good. Please let me know if you have tried any of them. 

On my wish list currently is the new Charlotte Tilbury Smokey Eye Makeup Palette, and her Vintage Vamp quad, the MAC Warm Palette x 15, Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions Palette and the Too Faces Chocolate Gold one as it looks all kind of glitzy.

I would love to know your favourite palettes or ones that you are thinking of burying. I can never have enough eyeshadows or makeup in general......I have only spoken about eyeshadows and palettes here but my love of eye makeup runs deeper than this. Keep your smokey eye out for further eye related blog posts. 

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