Sunday 4 October 2020

Bioglan Inulin


I think we all know how important it is to eat healthily. We all know the basic message of eating more fruit and vegetables and less “bad stuff”  I think the role fibre plays in a healthy diet is a message we need to get out there as fibre is so important to help with our digestive health and bowel functions. 


That is why I couldn’t wait to try Bioglan Inulin powder. It’s high in fibre and dissolves easily in water making it such an easy supplement to incorporate into your daily routine. I think that’s something we can all appreciate and if you are like me, means I will definitely take it. 


Here is a bit more on what inulin is as you may not have heard of inulin before.  It is a water-soluble fibre sourced from Chicory Root. It is non-digestible so passes through the stomach and small intestine into the large intestine where it’s fermented by the gut bacteria with the material and energy needed to grow. I feel a bit like a scientist sharing this with you....but it’s so good to know what something actually is. It is not only high in fibre but contributes to normal bowel function and promotes digestive wellbeing naturally. 


To tell you more about my experience with Atlas Biomed the first thing I had to do was send a sample of my stool off to Atlas Biomed where they did a Microbiome Test - Listen To Your Gut.  This test helps us learn more about our gut bacteria. Here comes the sciencey bit - this test shows how diverse your Microbiome is, what priobotic bacteria it contains, how it breaks down fibre and it’s ability to make vitamins and butyrate (an essential shirt chain fatty acid)  Taking the stool sample and sending it off was not as scary as you might think - it was super easy and quick. Not a problem at all and I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive beforehand. 


I then took inulin 3 times a day for 2 weeks. I put a teaspoon in a glass of water and drank it with my meals. So quick and so easy (I kept it in my glasses cupboard so I wouldn’t forget!). You can though put in it a juice or a smoothie or into your baking or a curry! At the end of the two weeks I took another stool sample and send it off to Atlas Biomed for retesting. 


A few weeks later I was sent my own personal set of results from Atlas Biomed and these were fascinating. I will share the main findings with you here:


They provide a very helpful health dashboard which gives you what I would call the “headlines” of your results and then you can click on each topic and get a deeper analysis. You can also download a PDF of your results which was very handyl. 


Here is an overview of my results:


It’s interesting to note my fibre intake is medium. I would like to increase this even more and will be carrying on taking my Inulin and am planning on doing another test in a month or two to see how it changes.