Sunday 12 July 2015

Evening Summer Makeup Routine - Summer, summer, summertime...

I'm back after a much longer than anticipated time away. As summer is now here I thought a post on what makeup look I like to wear for a summer's evening would be the perfect post to come back with, especially as I have a glass of Rose and a BBQ lined up for tonight - the perfect British summer evening.

Now, I know they say in summer you should be wearing less makeup and going with the more natural look but I have to admit I struggle with this. I am sure to regular readers of my blog this won't be too much of a surprise.  However, as I know not everyone is into a "full on face" I will also talk through products for the more "natural" summer evening look too. This is a look I often aspire to and want to do but in reality it just isn't me. It's a bit like how I imagine that I have the Kate Moss look going on when I wear a pair of cut-off denim shorts when the reality is a whole lot different!

In Summer, I love all the golds, bronzes and corals and tend to stay away from the greys, purples and reds. To me summer makeup is glowing, healthy skin and I like to achieve this with some nice shimmer and highlighter.

Starting with the base and I like to use a primer first as the sad reality for me is that in Summer the hot and humid weather can make my makeup slide off my face by the time I get to the bar for my first glass of Rose. I am still liking my Laura Mercier Foundation Primer and I then apply my Bourjois Paris BB Bronzing Cream 8 in 1 I wasn't too sure about this product at first but I have really grown to like it. It definitely adds a healthy glow to my skin.  You can finish your base here or just apply a tinted moisturiser and in the daytime this is what I would do but of an evening I still like to use foundation and I still love my NARS Sheer Glow foundation - just be sure to change your foundation in summer as your skin gets darker.

I like to mix my foundation with NARS Liquid Illuminator in Orgasm in the summer as this adds a lovely glow to my skin. This is such a great summer product and can be used as a highlighter too and there are different colours to choose from - the fantastically named Copacabana also looks a great colour for a more pinky highlight.   As you can tell I am all about the glow in Summer! Sadly, my black circles and/or spots don't disappear in the summer and I have been liking either my Clarins or NARS concealer recently. I find the NARS one to be better under my eyes as it's more of a light reflectiing concealer.  As my skin can be oily I like to fix my makeup in place with my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. Though, I only really powder my nose, chin and my forehead as I want to keep the dewy look my base has given me.

To me Bronzer is a key part to any summer makeup look and I am currently loving my Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder. Now, I don't like a glittery bronzer or one with too much shimmer but this is just personal choice.  I am not about the contouring and like to apply my bronzer to the areas of my face where the sun would naturally catch it. Just blend, blend, blend to keep it all looking natural and light. I then apply highlighter which to me is another integral part of any summer makeup look. I adore my Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow. It's a powder highlighter and it just gives the most lovely highlight to the tops of the cheekbones. If you prefer a cream highlighter or want maybe a more natural look I also love and use in the daytime the MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush. The old favourite blusher next and in summer I tend to go for a more coral colour and am currently loving the NARS blusher in Orgasm - the perfect summer blush I think.

Base done, it's time to move on to the eyebrows - I have recently had the HD treatment on my brows (I am very impressed and there will be a blog post coming soon) so they don't need too much work just a little brush through and a spot of filling in and for this I use my Maybelline Brow Drama.

On my eyes it's all the golds and bronzes in summer. Over my eyelid I either use Maybelline's And On Bronze which is a lovely goldy colour and this could be worn on its own with some eyeliner for a more natural look - but I like it for a bit of base colour and it also works as a primer to my eyeshadow.   I am also loving my By Terry Ombre Blackstar which is an eyeshadow stick. It's so easy to use and as above I apply this all over my lid but also use it under my lower eyelashes too and in the inner corners.

I have been then applying either a gold or bronze glittery shadow (though it gives a shimmer not a glitter) over the whole eyelid and then on the inner third of my eyelid I have been using a beautiful gold eyeshadow called Sable Lame by L'Oreal (I love this). I then sweep a darker bronze over the crease and I like the dark bronze in my Charlotte Tilbury La Dolce Vita eyeshadow palette. If I was going somewhere glamorous I would also apply a bit of the gold, glittery colour from this palette to the centre of my eyelid. As always the key to good eye makeup is blending, so blend, blend until you can see no definite lines in your eye colours.

In the summer black eyeliner can seem too much or too heavy but I still like to wear it so I apply a line of liquid black eyeliner on my top lid - am still loving my LancĂ´me Artliner and then use my MAC black eye pencil in Smoulder in my waterline. However, a bronze or brown pencil would look great with this look both on the top lid or/and in the waterline. I have a couple of lovely ones from Top Shop and Barry M such as this one. I then curl my lashes using my Shu Uemura  eyelash curlers and apply Mascara - I have gone back to an old favourite recently which is Maybelline's The Falsies.

Nearly there, just lipstick to go and I love the corals and orangey/reds in summer. I line my lips with my Boots No.7 lip pencil in Paprika and for the evening I am loving either my Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Lost Cherry or my Laura Mercier lipstick in Portofino (on my facebook page I posted recently some other coral lipsticks I like). Though, I met a friend recently who was wearing a gorgeous coral lipstick by Tom Ford but I can't remember its name - hopefully she will read this and let me know! Gloss is also pretty in summer but thinking about it I don't own a coral lip gloss. This is obviously a glaring hole in my makeup kit so any recommendations greatly received!

Obviously, you don't need to wear all this makeup for a summer evening out and when I am on my French Campsite this summer I wont be popping this all on to go to the bar so here is a more streamline version of the above:

Bourjois BB Cream
Highlighter (MAC)
My By Terry  Ombre Blackstar or Maybelline And on Bronze eyeshadow
Eyeliner and Mascara
Lipstick or gloss

Enjoy these long summer nights - I feel a Grease Song coming on......