Saturday 20 February 2016

What's in my everyday makeup bag - "bag it up.."

People often marvel at how much makeup I carry around with me on a daily basis but I just feel happy to have all my products with me.  However, I am trying to become more streamlined, mainly because I think the weight of my handbag is giving me a bad back!

I currently have this makeup bag by Lily and Lionel which I love. It is a good size and is in an animal print fabric which I love. I definitely have at touch of the Bet Lynch in me!

I actually feel I am quite restrained as I don't carry foundation or powder with me in my everyday makeup bag but I do have concealer. I couldn't be without this and at the moment there are two in my bag. I have my trusty Collection one (which is my favourite as it gives the best coverage for dark circles) and I also have this NARS concealer which I tend to use on top of my Collection one as I find it more light reflective.

Bronzer is also always with me. I don't really know why but I just think that sometimes I can look pale and rather ill and a quick swish of Bronzer perks my skin up. Again, I have two (though I don't know why and could definitely streamline here) this one by L'Oreal which is my favourite of the two as I like its colour and size, and this one by Bobbi Brown.

It will come as a surprise to no-one that blusher is always with me and again I have two - I am starting to feel a bit like Noah and his current go-to is a new purchase from Charlotte Tilbury and I love it. It's a beautiful peachy colour and makes me look healthy and not like Aunt Sally from Worzel Gummidge. I also have the famous Orgasm blusher from NARS which I am also a big fan of but has a slight shimmer in it to me so I tend to use it a bit less in the winter.  As you may have read in my previous post I am very in to highlighter at the moment so naturally I need to carry my theBalm one around with me as I never know when I might need that extra bit of glow!

I have fallen into a bad habit of carting around an eyeshadow palette with me. This isn't good and is excessive makeup carrying. I need to get myself some singles of the colours I really like or start buying eye shadow sticks which is what I want to do. Charlotte Tilbury have some gorgeous ones which I have my eye on. The palette I have been carrying around this week is the Urban Decay Smoky one - lovely but best left at home I think! I do have a few single shadows which I use a lot and think it would be better to carry these than a whole palette.  Two mascaras also seem to travel around with me and I genuinely don't know why as I never remove my eye makeup when I am out and about and also don't reapply mascara maybe they are a security blanket for me! The two I currently in my bag are one by L'Oreal and this one by Maybelline.

I do like to go quite strong on my eye makeup so I carry both my liquid eyeliner by eyeko with me and my black khol eye pencil by MAC. I always have a cheeky touch up of eyeliner when I am out and about.

Usually, I carry a few lipsticks around with me and I think this is totally fine as I tend to change my lipsticks depending on my mood and my mood seems to change quite a lot during the day - can I blame my hormones for this? Or what seems to happen is I will go out in one lipstick in the morning and then catch sight of my face in one of the mirrors in Waitrose and hate the lipstick and feel the need to immediately change it!

In my bag now is one lip gloss by Smashbox and I love this. I also have two what are called liquid lipsticks by Kat Von D in the shades Beloved and Berlin. These last ages but can feel a little drying sometimes especially if I layer them. I always have my favourite Charlotte Tilbury one with me and two more natural/nude ones by MAC and Tom Ford. I don't feel this amount of lipsticks is too excessive....Oooh I did just find a couple of essential lip liners! One by Charlotte Tilbury and one by MAC

Obviously, I need two or three brushes and I have two by Real Techniques. This one for Bronzer and this one for blusher along with this Louise Young fan brush for applying my highlighter. I also seem to have a Smashbox eye shadow brush (stolen from a palette) - best to be prepared! Luckily, my makeup bag is big enough to fit all these in.

Little extras that I also carry in my handbag with me are my Nuxe lip balm, though I really need a more sheen one as the Nuxe one feels more like a night time lip balm to me. I also always have my travel size facial spray by Caudalie with me as I love the smell of it and I like a little spray to wake me up or calm me down when required.

Does the above seem a bit crazy to you all?



  1. This is a well equipped beauty bag, not too dissimilar to mine. I'm carrying way too many things, so like you, I'm trying to streamline everything and have what's needed with me. I sort this bag out every week and each time at the end of the week it's a mess again 😂. Great post!

  2. Good post, love this sharing so much, thank you!