Sunday 14 February 2016

"Return of the blog" sung in the style of "Return of the Mack" - showing my age....

January Favourites

I can't believe how long it has been since I last wrote a blog post!  I am trying to think of why I haven't posted in so long but I feel I need to be honest and say I just lost my blogging mojo. But it's back and I thought I would start with a post talking about the products that I have been loving using over the last month or so, including makeup, skincare and lifestyle items. I love reading these type of posts myself and thought it would be a good way to ease myself back into the blogging world.....


I have been loving the glowy look this last month and to achieve this I have been using  a highlighter called theBalm Mary Lou Luminizer Highlighting Powder. This gives a lovely highlight to my skin but it isn't too shimmery (too much glittery shimmer isn't good as skin gets older or if you don't have the best skin as it attracts attention to lines and  problem areas) which means I can wear it in the day and it doesn't look discotastic - a good one for night is by JaclynHill for Becca in Champagne Pop. It's a bit unforgiving on my lines but I love how great the highlight is and as it's night I am hoping for more dimmed lighting!

I adore eyeshadow and wear it every single day, so I find palettes are great for me as they give me a lot of choice. I tend to stick to bronzey/brown colours but I do like to mix it up now and again and If I am going out I like to go darker/bolder and more glittery/sparkly - I am such a magpie! The two palettes I have been loving this last month are the Nude 'Tude eyeshadow palette - Naughty by theBalm. This is probably the more wearable of the two palettes I think as it contains more everyday eyeshadow colours - Sultry is particularly good as a crease colour to add depth to the eyes while Sophisticated and Selfish are good shades for all over the lids. It has a good range of staple colours for me but the other one I have been using a lot is the Self Made palette by Ananstasia as this is a bit more glitzy and sparkly which I love for a night time. My favourite shades are Hot & Cold and Pink Champagne.

Lipstick is the one product that I seem to always be searching for the holy grail of as I always seem to be just off with the colours I choose. I seem to find more lipsticks I like in summer, as I am a big fan of corals and bright pinks and these shades seem to suit me more but in my continuing hunt for the perfect nude lipstick I have been liking First Time by Tom Ford - it's a good shade for me and doesn't seem to drain every ounce of colour from my face! It is expensive though and I would like to find another one that is more reasonably priced. Any suggestions please let me know.

I am a big nail varnish fan and my current favourite is Sand Tropez by Essie, it's a lovely neutral colour and I have been getting a lot of compliments when I wear it.


I have been using the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm. I have been so impressed with this product it removes my makeup really well but doesn't leave my skin feeling dry. I am getting through a lot of muslin cloths though and am very disturbed as to how much makeup comes off and the colour of it.

I am a fan of face masks in the winter as my skin feels like it needs extra love and attention and I have been enjoying using this one by Ren. I pop it on and then get in the bath and wash it off when I get out. I have been using this once a week and I think it is helping keep my skin a little bit happier this winter.

Keeping my hands from becoming scaly and that of a 90 year old woman becomes even harder in the winter so hand cream becomes very important to me and I have found one that I am loving (though I can't put it in my handbag) and this is by & Other Stories in Moroccan Tea and it just smells so amazing I cant get enough of it and it feels lovely on my skin.

A shower gel that is making me happy in these dark winter mornings is The Comforter by Lush it is not only a fabulous dark pink colour but also smells so good, along with the fact that it's all natural goodness is a small joy these bleary eyed mornings!


My hair is coloured and also very fine (sob sob) so I find that I have to be careful what products I use on my hair as it can go very flat very quickly or will start being greasy at the roots and dry at the ends - glamorous I know! There have been two products that I have been using that my hair seems to like, the first is a shampoo by Nuxe. This is a more natural shampoo so you don't get lots of foamy lather when you shampoo but my hair has felt so nice since I have been using this - smells good too. To add to my hair joy my hair also likes to go frizzy - I am a lucky girl! But I have been using the L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil-in-Cream on my hair before blow drying and it does a great job in helping my hair look sleek (or at least sleek for me)


I am currently re-living my youth and am wearing lots of earrings! When I was in my late teens/early twenties I had my ears pierced with 3 holes in one ear and 2 in the other - not sure how pleased my mum was! I have been seeing that wearing lots of earrings has become fashionable again and there is a great little pack I got from H&M for 3.99 they have 4 pairs of earrings including anchors and I just love them!

Obviously, with it being the New Year I have been trying to be healthier (this is a very up and down process) and have been using these cookbooks to inspire me. They all have some great recipes in them and am sure if I could give up the cakes and chocolate I would be fit and fabulous!

Another favourite is this mug my lovely friend Denise gave me - you know how much I love flamingos!

Carole xxx

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