Thursday 13 November 2014


I have been interested in makeup since I was a teenager when I was a big fan of blusher! Something which I am still very keen on now. My husband may say too keen!

Next year is a big birthday year for me. The big 40! This has made me think more about my appearance and how I feel. These two things are linked for me. My enjoyment of makeup and the wearing of makeup makes me feel happy.

A few years ago I trained to be a makeup artist at college and learned some great tips about the application and wearing of makeup. My plan was to start a career as a makeup artist but we ended up moving out of the area and the plan just didn't happen!

Friends do ask me for makeup advice on colours and especially on eye makeup so I thought a blog would be a good way to share tips and information and for me to learn and get tips from people too. I love reading beauty blogs and watching beauty youtubers which has helped me with my makeup application and made me spend lots of money on beauty products! Obviously, some haven't worked or suited me but I think makeup is about personal expression and you have to have to make a few mistakes to know what works. 

Lots of the well known beauty bloggers and youtubers are women in their 20s. I am obviously a bit older and as we get older what we want from makeup and what works on us changes - but the fact that we aren't 25 anymore doesn't mean we can't enjoy all the fun side of make up too!



  1. Yay!!!! I'm so excited about getting all your tips in one super resource! You've been my Go To makeup advice friend for (gulp) 20 years and I think this blog will be fabulous! You always look so fabulous lovely! I have only 1 week to go until the big nasty B Day so get posting those tips fast girl!!

  2. You always look beautiful lady but I just though as I spend quite a lot of time looking at various blogs and blogs for beauty ideas and inspiration I thought I could share what I have learnt.

    Hope you have some fab birthday plans! X

  3. Hi hon, what can I say...this is just what a girl needs!! Your beauty advise and tips will be invaluable to any female...and even those of us that have toppled over the age of 40!!!! My first question is how do I look as glamorous as you on the school run?!!! lol and good luck honey...I am a new convert in desperate need of your advise!!!! 'Dog Rescue Obsessed' Christinexxx

    1. Thank you very much Christine. You are a glam lady yourself and rock a fab lipstick! X