Wednesday 19 November 2014

It's all about the base, the base!

Though I like to experiment and change my makeup,  there are some products which I either use everyday or love using on a night out or special occasion.  In this first post of the series I will concentrate on foundations, concealers and powder.

Base - my current favourite foundation is Nars sheer glow. I love this foundation. I think the range of shades they have are very good and like the coverage and feel of the product on my skin. I currently use the shade Punjab (medium1) which is perfect for me when I have a light fake tan on my skin.

On the more budget end I do like Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. This feels nice on the skin and provides a good coverage at a reasonable price.

Concealer - I have two here I particularly like.  The drugstore one I like to use is by Collection and is a real bargain. I am pretty sure it costs under £5 and does a great job.  I suffer from dark circles under my eyes and this conceals the very well. I also use this on areas of redness by my nose.

For the evening or if I am looking particularly tired (usually by the end of the school week and 4 early morning clubs!) I like to use By Terry Touche Veloutee in number 1 this gives a very good coverage and stays put on my skin.

To cover blemishes I have been using the Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer and I use this mainly to cover spots which I unfortunately still suffer from at nearly 40!

Concealer can also be used in contouring and highlighting which I will cover in a separate post. Celebrities such as Kim Khardashian  use this a lot for definition and is good for reflecting light off the face.  Though I realise while we are popping to Waitrose to get our shopping we don't really want to be rocking quite that look.

Powder - I remember using loose powder a lot in my younger days and it going everywhere! All over my face then my handbag and carpet! I stopped using powder for a few years but I have noticed as I have gotten older that my skin has got oiler and my makeup tends to slip off my face more! Currently, I am using Rimmel pressed powder which I have been impressed with this but I do intend to try the Mac or Charlotte Tilbury ones.  I will let you know what I think.

I tend to put my powder on after I have applied my foundation and base then do another dusting after bronzer and blusher.  A nice big fluffy brush is ideal for this. 

Let me know any products that you love.


  1. I would like to try the Charlotte Tilbury powder. Apparently it hides the wrinkles!

  2. Can't wait to learn Carole's secrets so that I can look as good as she does at 8 in the morning in a cold playground. as Carole knows I've never been a fan of make up because when I go to buy it I'm confused by the range of products and brands. As I get older though I need more than just black eyeliner and bit of mascara to look presentable!

  3. I know I think I will be putting the Charlotte Tilbury powder on my Christmas list!

    Reim, you can't beat black eyeliner and mascara and you always look good but there are so many products out there now it's confusing as to what we do with them all x

  4. Loving the tips lady! I'm literally googling everything you suggest as we speak! Get some affiliate links in those posts girl - i'll keep you in superdrug concealer! xx