Tuesday 2 December 2014

"All I want for Christmas is ...." Makeup Christmas Wish list

As we are now in December (where has the year gone!) I thought it would be a good time to share some of the products that I would like Father Christmas to bring me. I am sure he must read my blog!

I have a range of products from the more luxurious and high-end to more budget friendly and perhaps more realistic products.  I do also plan to do a more general lifestyle gift guide. Always handy to have lots of things on Christmas Lists I say, well that's what I tell my son at least!


Charlotte Tilbury
I don't know how many of you are familiar with the Charlotte Tilbury makeup range but its super glamorous and luxurious. The packaging of the products is gorgeous and have the most fantastic names! I would be happy with anything from her range to appear under my tree but I have picked out a couple of favourite items

I love the look of all her eye shadow sets and the one I would put on my list would be The Dolce Vita Set (£38) which contains 4 beautiful bronze shades.  I also have my eye on The Filmstar bronze and glow (£50) which in my mind will transform me into Angelina Jolie!

If I was going to go the whole hog I would ask for one of her "Looks in One" sets. These sets contain all the products you would need to produce a a certain make up look and include eyeshadows, lipsticks etc. I have my eye on The Rock Chick but at £165 my eye will probably be the only thing on it!

Tom Ford
Again, like Charlotte Tilbury another super glam and luxurious makeup line, pretty much like the man himself! As before, I would be happy with anything from his range but everyone just raves about the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor which at £34 is very pricey for an eyebrow penicil but it is meant to be amazing and then I think I would have to choose one of his lipsticks (£37) in a timeless red, maybe Scarlett Rouge.


Brushes I think are a great gift as they don't seem exciting to buy for ourselves but good brushes are essential for achieving flawless makeup.


Bobbi Brown
There is a beautiful set of travel brushes available this year by Bobbi Brown (£89) and they come in a very glam faux snake or is it croc brown case! There are  7 brushes including a blender and powder brush along with an ultra fine eyeliner brush. I also noticed they also have a mini brush set of 4 brushes in the same glam case (£56).

Mid range

Real Techniques
I have yet to try these brushes but I have read and heard so much about them that I really want to.  A good place to start I think would be with their Real Techniques Core Collection (£14.69) which contains 4 brushes including a foundation brush and buffing brush.  I also like the look of the starter kit (£12.59) which includes 5 makeup brushes for applying eye makeup.


Mid range

I think palettes are a great beauty gift at Christmas. These often bring together a great set of eyeshadows or blushers/lipsticks in one place.  A good go to piece to have in your kit.

Nars  - The Virtual Domination Palette (£45)
This contains a bronzer, 3 blushers and a highlighting blush.  The bronzer is their fab bronzer  which I love called Laguna and a very popular blush called Deep Throat (NARS is a fan of giving their products some risqué names!)

Urban Decay - Naked3 (£37)
There are 3 palettes in the  Naked collection and I would be happy for any of these as a present, though my current favourite is the third one. I do hope my husband is reading this blog! These palettes contain 12 eye shadows and they are all ones I would wear either on their own or together if I was going for bronze smoky eye especially. The palettes all contain colours you would use and don't include the 1980's neon yellow or green! Though obviously there is always time for a good 80's Madonna moment!

Budget Friendly

Barry M

Their palettes caught my eye the other day in Boots.  The Barry M Palette Natural (£6.49) contains a lovely range of everyday wearable eye and cheek colours and they now have a follow up to this called Natural Glow 2 (£6.49).  I also like the look of the Barry M Palette Smokin Hot (£6.49) which contains the colours you would need for a night time, smoky eye look.  They come in great packaging and look very sleek. I am a bit of a fan of the Barry M range, cheap but with great colours.

I am also a big fan of their Gelly range of nail varnishes and at this time of year I love their glittery nail varnishes for putting over my usual dark colours .


The Kate Collection - £12

This set contains 3 lipsticks a lighter pink one, a medium pink and a red shade. One of my favourite dark reds is a Kate at Rimmel one. I posted a photo of this on my facebook page yesterday and 3 lipsticks for £12 is a definite bargain!


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