Thursday 27 November 2014

"9 - 5, what a way to make a livin' ..." 5 minute morning makeup routine.

When we are in a hurry before the school run or work applying makeup can seem like just an extra chore at an already rushed and frantic time but this is a quick 5 minute routine that can be done as soon as you hop out of the shower.

I am not good in the morning. My husband and son would probably say rather grumpy but I like to take 5 minutes in the morning just to sit and apply my makeup while my child is slurping Coco Pops in my bed!

Firstly, I apply a layer of moisturiser. I don't think this has to be a hugely expensive product just one that suits your skin and that you are happy with. I have combination skin which is getting oiler as I get older so I don't like one that is too heavy.  I will do a future post on my morning and evening skincare routine.

Using my fingers to save time I apply my foundation (my beloved NARS Sheer Glow) I like the coverage foundation gives me and how it evens out my skin tone. If you have great skin then you don't have to apply foundation, maybe just a tinted moisturiser or nothing at all.

I then apply under eye concealer to hide my dreaded black circles (any tips on how to get rid of these gratefully received!) I find using a light reflective concealer such as the ones mentioned in my previous post will help you to look more awake.  I then conceal any redness around my nose or cover any spots/blemishes I might have. 

A quick sweep of powder next, followed by a swirl of bronzer (as I am fairly pale I like to use bronzer to make me slightly healthier looking!) and then I apply my ever faithful blusher on to my cheeks. I am a great believer that even the slightest pop of blusher brightens up everyone's face.

I always like to do my eyebrows as I feel brows help to define the face. I use a small makeup brush with brown eye shadow on (a matt one) and go over my brows, going slightly heavier where my brows arch and then brush them through with my  eyebrow brush. If you like to use a pencil use this, whatever you find works best for you go with.  I will write a post on eyebrows as they are a whole world!
Eye shadow next, a quick sweep of colour over the lids with an eye shadow brush. I like to use MAC's Satin Taupe, its a lovely brown colour that I find to  be super flattering and not too heavy or dark.  I then apply mascara. I would recommend curling your lashes first. It takes a few seconds but really opens the eyes and we all want to look more bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning. Anything that helps I say!

I finish off with a touch or lipstick or lip gloss. Most days I use a pretty neutral colour though I do also like to rock a bright pink or red too! If you want your lipstick to last I would recommend a stain as this lasts longer.

All done and ready to face the work in 5 minutes or so!!


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